BiographyMargie Willett, Bio, Facts, Networth

Margie Willett, Bio, Facts, Networth

Do you know who Margie Willett is? She is a well-known American celebrity, mostly known for being the ex-wife of legendary American actor Dick Van Dyke. What about I tell you that Margie has an introverted personality and she doesn’t like the media and preferred to keep her personal life along with her childrens and family away from the paparazzi.

In this article we will discuss about the Miss Margie biography, career, family background, net worth, education and many more.

Margie Willett Biography

Let more information about Miss Margie in this article, She was born in Illinois, USA in the year of 1927. She was the ex-wife of Dick Van Dyke who is a comedian, actor, writer and producer. Miss Margie was a private person and didn’t like to showcase her life in front of media.

She used to keep her childrens and family away from the media. She died at the age 81 due to pancreatic cancer. The given below are some more detailed information about the famous celebrity:- 

Full NameMargie Willett
Birth PlaceDanville, Illinois, United States
Age81 years
Height163 centimeters
Weight55 kilograms
Marital StatusDivorced 
Ex-HusbandDick Van Dyke

Physical Appearance of Miss Margie

Miss Margie was a very beautiful and generous lady with a charming personality, her beautiful features attracted a lot of her fans and other people.

Her height was (approx) 163 centimeters, weight (approx) 55 kilograms, the eye color was in brown color and hair was in black and gray color

Family Background of Miss Margie

Miss Margie got into the spotlight when she married to Dick Van Dyke who is a very well-known American actor, comedian, producer and writer. Before marrying  to Dick Van Dyke, she was just a normal citizen of America and didn’t have any connections with the entertainment industry.

Miss Margie came into the limelight because of her husband and son Berry. Miss Margie has mentioned in an interview that she had a miscarriage and lost twins, a few years later she was blessed with four children’s two daughters named Carrie and Stacy, two sons named Berry and Christain. Turbulence started in Miss Margie life when Dick Van Dyke announced his extramarital affairs with his agent secretary named Michelle Triola. After the divorce she never married and disappeared from the media.   

Net Worth of Margie Willett 

Miss Margie was famous because she was married to famous American actor Dick Van Dyke, but didn’t have any separate career, while she was alive which makes it difficult to estimate her net worth but her ex-husband net worth is estimated to be around 50 million dollars. 

Fascinating Facts About Margie

If you are eager to know unknown facts about Miss Margie, then you are on the right corner of the article. The given are some fascinating facts about Miss Magie:-

  1. Miss Margie was marry to famous American actor Dick Van Dyke
  2. Do you know that Margie and her husband onced lived in a car
  3. Margie and Dick Van Dyke divorced because her husband had an affair with Michelle Triola 
  4. Margie suffered had a miscarriage and lost twins and few years later she was bless with four children’s
  5. Willett became addicted to prescription medicine and her husband was addict to alcohol
  6. Margie died at the age of 81 due to pancreatic cancer  


From this article, we can see Miss Margie was a very private person and hated to showcase her personal life in front of paparazzi. Margie Willett was born in Illinois, USA in the year 1927, later she was married to famous American actor, writer, comedian and producer Dick Van Dyke which brought her into the focus of the media. But the marriage didn’t last forever, on 4 May 1984 both of them ended their relationship. Then Miss Margie died in 2008 due to pancreatic cancer.

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