NewsA Comprehensive Guide to Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal for Education

A Comprehensive Guide to Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal for Education

The Indian government carries out several programs aimed at raising educational standards. An online resource called Vidyanjali 2.0 has been presented by the government. Through the utilization of this facility, schools are reinforced by incorporating the community and service sector. Additionally, volunteers will network with all of the country’s schools.

This page contains all the information you want on the Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal. By reading this page, you will learn more about the objectives, benefits, features, eligibility, required documentation, registration, login, and implementation procedure of this effort.

What is Vidyanjali 2.0?

Vidyanjali 2.0 is an effort by the Ministry of Education to give students access to non-educational activities. Through this program, schoolchildren will be able to interact with a variety of volunteers from the Indian diaspora, including retired teachers, retired government employees, retired businesswomen, and others.

The platform allows volunteers, citizens, alumni, and others to offer services to schools and their administration through a variety of contribution categories, including ICT, construction, and school facilities like furniture and amenities. This gives mentors the chance to work directly with institutions and impart relevant knowledge and skills.  

Highlight of Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal

Portal NameVidyanjali 2.0 Portal  
Launched ByCentral Government   
BeneficiariesCitizens Of India        
Application ProcedureOnline        
ObjectiveTo provide strength to all Schools Through Community as well as Private Sector      
BenefitsStrengthening Schools     

Objectives of Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal

The primary goal of the Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal, which was introduced by the Ministry of Education, is to give schools more authority through community and private sector support. Via this site, volunteers who are interested can get in touch with their schools in two different ways. In the first approach, volunteers can assist in the services and activities of the school; in the second, they can help government-aided and government-owned institutions by donating property, supplies, or equipment, strengthening the school’s infrastructure.

Features Of Vidyanjali 2.0

As you that features plays an important role in the success of the portal, given below are the few features that the website provide to the user are:-

  • Provide a communication platform that acts as a middleman between schools and volunteers.
  • website where volunteers may share their experiences and participate in various duties related to school volunteer programs
  • Use the Ministry’s site to get information about volunteers, schools, finished projects, and other topics.
  • A place where the public, volunteers, and former students may support schools and manage their operations

Process for Vidyanjali Portal Registration

To use all the features of the website, you need to register on the website,for that you need to follow the given below steps:

Register As School

  1. Visit web browser, enter for vidyaanjali, and choose the official domain.
  2. Here, click on ‘register’ button placed at the top right corner.
  3. Now, click on school button and you will see registration form.
  4. Enter details lilke UDISE code and then, enter captcha code.
  5. Now, click on verify UDISE Code button.

Register As Individual/NGO/CSR Registration

  1. After visiting official domain of vidyanjali, click on register button.
  2. Choose individual/NGO/CSR Registration button.
  3. Now, you can register in three different ways which are mentioned below:

Individual (From India)

  1. After visiting individual (froom India) button, enter details such as name, email address, country code, state, district.
  2. Tap On Submit button.


  1. Registering as NRI/PIO process is same for individuals.
  2. You can enter same details.


  1. After redirecting on the official portal, choose NGO/NPO Button.
  2. Enter details like Darpan i’d and PAN Number.


  1. After choosing CSR Registration, enter details like Organization name, organizational email, mobile number, etc.
  2. Now, click on submit button.

Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal Login Process

Once you have successfully created account on the website, now its time to login, for that you need to follow the given below steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Vidyanjali portal
  • You can login with three different buttons that includes School, Individual/NGO/CSR, Adminstrator/State/District.
  • Once you are into the website you need to look for the “LOGIN” option right is located on the top right side of the dashboard.
  • After you have click the option a new tab will open where you need to fill the login details like : Email, Password, Captcha
  • Clicking the “LOGIN” button will allow you to access the website once all the information has been completed.

NOTE: This is an ideal login process but, it may vary with category such as NRI/NPO, Individual/NGO/CSR, School/Adminstrator/District.

Eligibility Criteria

To register yourself into the official website you need to pass the given below points are:

  • Applications are only open to Indian citizens.
  • For this reason, the Indian government and schools will work with volunteers, other service professionals, and any permanent citizen of India.
  • One noteworthy qualifying requirement is that no school will take cash or any other form of financial aid under this program, under any circumstances.

Required Documents

As you want to create an account on the portal you should have the following document are:-

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Income proof
  • Proof of age
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID

Activities under the Vidyanjali initiative

The following are a few examples of activity categories that volunteers may add to their preferences and that schools may make mandatory volunteer work:

  • Reading/pronunciation for Children
  • Helping Children with Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Play Acting
  • Preparing Story Books with Children
  • Model Making
  • Counseling for academics, life-skills
  • Music and dance
  • Swachhta In Schools etc

Benefits Of Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal

The portal provide various benefits to user, given below are the few of them: 

  • The Ministry of Education launched the Vidyanjali project with the goal of enhancing schools via collaboration with the business and community sectors.
  • Schools will connect with a diverse range of volunteers through this project, including professionals, government figures, recent graduates, alumni, current and previous teachers, and many more.
  • This project has two components for the volunteers.
  • Participating in service and school-related activities is the first way.
  • The other is supporting government-aided schools and the government with assets, materials, and equipment.
  • Depending on their interests and skill sets, volunteers can help with an event at a school.
  • Community volunteers can communicate and engage directly with the government and government-aided schools via the site.
  • Additionally, they may donate resources, supplies, and equipment in addition to sharing their knowledge and expertise.

In conclusion

Vidyanjali 2.0 is a commendable initiative by the Central Government to strengthen schools through community and private-sector involvement. The vidyanjali portal facilitates volunteers’ engagement in various activities, providing exposure beyond academics. With a user-friendly registration process, the platform connects schools with enthusiastic contributors, fostering a collaborative approach for educational enhancement.

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