Tennis stars are at risk of Wimbledon disqualification if they break Covid-19 rules

Wimbledon plans to impose swinging fines and disqualification on players if they or their entourage break strict Covid rules at this year’s tournament.

Participants are also only allowed to book one additional room at the sanctioned hotel for their support team, meaning even the biggest names will have to travel without their usual level of backup or guests.

A document sent to the players and their representatives, seen by Sportsmail, indicates that participants have only one room available for free.

Despite the prospect of London being fully open by the time the tournament kicks off on June 28, they have been told not to venture outside the tournament or practice sites or the designated hotel.

Wimbledon will impose fines and disqualification on players for setting the Covid rules

Wimbledon will impose fines and disqualification on players for setting the Covid rules

“Any violation by a player or their guests / team can lead to non-payment and / or loss of accreditation,” it says. In addition, support team members can also be fined up to $ 20,000 (£ 14,300) for which the player is responsible.

With a crowd currently scheduled at around 25% capacity, this year there will clearly be a tightening of the tournament’s belt which, unlike 2020, is not covered by insurance.

It is unusual for no prize money figures to be given during Tuesday’s regular press conference in late April to watch The Championships, and will be revealed in June.

Measures have been taken ahead of this summer’s tournament in South West London

Players must stay in a hotel and can only book one additional room for their support team

Players have been informed that they will be charged £ 280 per night for the additional double room allowed at the Westminster hotel, which is approximately 40 minutes’ drive from the courses.

It will certainly be a culture shock for the likes of Roger Federer, who normally books two houses on the same road in the village of Wimbledon to house his family and support group.

As for the UK players who live relatively close – there are a few that are within walking distance – will still be required to move to the hotel.

Players will be faced with the prospect of being locked in barracks while watching, from their rooms and chauffeur-driven cars, ordinary citizens can eat out, shop and move freely if the government roadmap fully opens up as planned from June 21.

Stars are limited to the hotel and tournaments and practice sites for the duration of their stay

It looks like it will seriously test the patience of the participants who have mainly played in bubble conditions since the tour started properly again last August.

There was almost a rebellion against restrictions among the male cohort at the Miami Open late last month, where world number five Stefanos Tsitsipas was fined $ 7,500 for violating Covid protocols.

The All England Club has explained that they have no choice but to be in line with current government advice. There is the hope that there will be some relaxation for both players and spectator numbers.

Andy Murray, who lives in Surrey, has urged his peers to follow the rules and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

It means stars like Roger Federer will experience a culture shock this year

He usually rents out two houses in the village of Wimbledon for his team and his family (photo)

“I appreciate it’s difficult,” he said. But at the same time, when we saw 60,000 people die in Brazil as a result of the corona virus last month, this is what we need to do to keep doing our job and to give the tournaments some certainty.

‘It is clear that I would much rather not stay in a hotel. It would be a shame, but if that’s what we need to do to keep everyone safe, that’s what we’ll do. If you want to avoid being in a bubble for too long, you need to support the vaccination because you can’t just say, ‘No, we just want to live a normal life and we don’t want bubbles, but we also don’t want to be vaccinated’ . It’s a no-brainer for me. ‘

Murray has returned to hitting after retiring from Miami with a groin problem and practiced clay court in London with British youngster Anton Matusevich. He has yet to say exactly when he plans to return to the competition.

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