Spotify founder Daniel Ek ‘is serious about buying Arsenal because he is willing to make an offer’

Spotify founder Daniel Ek’s interest in buying Arsenal from Stan Kroenke is genuine after the Swede declared his interest in owning The Gunners on Friday, according to reports.

Arsenal owner Kroenke was the subject of a number of high-profile angry protests from Gunners supporters outside the stadium ahead of Friday night’s Premier League game with Everton following the club’s role in the launch of the now-defunct Super League.

Billionaire businessman Ek tweeted that he was “ happy to throw my hat in the ring ” to become Arsenal’s new majority shareholder at the sight of the North London protests going well with the Gunners’ faithful.

Spotify's Daniel Ek is preparing to make a bid for Stan Kroenke's Arsenal, reports said

Spotify’s Daniel Ek is preparing to make a bid for Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal, reports said

Kroneke (right) is reportedly open to offers of around £ 2 billion for the English club

But according to The TelegraphEk’s interest in taking over Arsenal is genuine and the Swedish businessman is willing to make an offer to Kroenke.

The same report claims the Kroenke Sports Entertainment (KSE) group would listen to offers of around £ 2 billion, but Ek’s individual net worth is estimated at around £ 3.4 billion, according to Forbes.

That would mean Ek would have to take control of Arsenal through a consortium or with a partner.

The 38-year-old launched Spotify along with co-founder Martin Lorentzon, and the music platform is currently worth £ 58 billion.

Kroenke has been the subject of angry protests from Arsenal fans after a tumultuous week

Valued at just under £ 6 billion, Kroenke has been part of the Arsenal hierarchy since 2008, but fans are increasingly frustrated by his lack of investment in the club.

Kroenke’s son, Josh, appeared in a fan forum on Thursday night and was commissioned by a number of Gunners fans to sell the club.

Echoing the European Super League saga, Josh replied: ‘All our confidence was torn to shreds this week, I understand that, but I still believe we are fit to continue in our roles as Arsenal’s custodians.

I may be greeted with skepticism, but over time I hope to build some sort of relationship with our supporter groups and show them that we are capable of moving the club forward.

Josh Kroenke (left), son of owner Stan (center), stood for the music in a whim with fans

‘When are we going to sell? I am not willing to answer that question because we have no intention of selling. ‘

Graeme Souness believes that, despite Ek’s announcement, Kroenke is not under pressure to sell the club.

“He only has 4 billion pounds, it is not enough,” he said on Sky Sports. ‘People are talking about the sale of these absent owners. They are not under pressure to sell. They are absent, they don’t come to games, they don’t get any personal criticism.

There is only Daniel Levy who takes it out of the crowd. These guys come back when it suits them. They won’t sell for a penny less than before all this debacle. ‘

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