Spider-Man: No Way Home – Peter Parker a secret no more!

Ever since the last appearance of Peter Parker, fans have been a little shocked when Peter’s life turned upside down. After going into a severe battle with Mysterio, Peter dropped unknowingly dropped himself in some serious trouble. Now, Parker’s identity has been revealed that he is indeed Spider-Man! A news telecast from J. Jonah Jameson last revealed a film doctored by Mysterio, editing a part where it shows Peter instructing the drones to destroy entire cities. Of course, we all know the truth that Peter never did such a thing. But Mysterio played his cards well, and now, we have been waiting for the next chapter. Although, the new movie comes with some exciting new surprises. And just to let you know, this might be some of the biggest surprises the MCU is giving away!

Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield come together for the first time in Marvel history!

For the first time in Marvel history, one of the most epic crossovers is about to be witnessed by all the fans. What started as Spider-Man on-screen with Tobey Maguire also evolved with time with Andrew Garfield and now, Tom Holland. All three of them portrayed the friendly neighborhood in their fun twist. And each of them is remembered for their iconic roles. But now, in the upcoming movie, it looks like all three of them will fight together to destroy the forces of evil. For the first time in history, the three Spider-Man actors are coming together on-screen!

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Peter Parker a Secret No More!
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With the help of Dr. Stephen Strange, played by the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch, he is now going to help in this adventure of a lifetime. This quest will take his powers of controlling time and all the expertise a sorcerer possesses. Strange is now supposed to replace Tony Stark as Peter’s mentor after his demise in Endgame. Usually, it was always Tony who gave Peter all the love and made him an Avenger. Since then, they have been the best buddies. But with Tony gone forever, Strange is now taking over as a coach and a mentor for Parker. The three spiders coming together is going to be the most exciting moment as their universes will collide. Every one of them will dress up in the suit and show New York who the real web-slingers are!

Welcome back, Dr. Otto Octavius and Electro!

Some legendary villains left certain impressions among the audience! It was because of those villains that all the Spider-Man movies became iconic in their way. And that is why there are a few villains who are here to electrify the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again. With their presence in the field once again, this game is only going to get more interesting.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Release date, cast and plotline
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For the first, we have Electro coming back from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A man who got his powers by dropping into a tub of electric eels and then gained the power to control electricity from wherever he is, in whatever electrical form possible. And it is none other than Jamie Foxx coming back to reprise his role.

Tony Shark As iron man
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And now, to bring back one of the most iconic villains of all time, we have Alfred Molina, who is coming back to play the role of Dr. Otto Octavius. He is reprising this famous role after 17 long years, ever since the character first took birth. We all remember his famous robberies and destructions and how he became one of Spider Man’s biggest menaces of all time. Well, in this movie, we hope to see one more face-off between him and Peter Parker. This is going to bring back a lot of nostalgia! Marvel fans, you better watch out! Both these villains have been some of the biggest names in the Marvel universe for so long. Now, it is time for their return.

The love story that is Peter Parker and Mary Jane

When it comes to any Spider-Man movie, you can never forget the romance that revolves around Peter Parker and Mary Jane. In Spider-Man: Far from Home, we saw that there was the start of a beautiful relationship between MJ and Peter Parker. As they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, MJ got the privilege to know about Peter’s true identity.

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Peter Parker a Secret No More!
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Of course, it is none other than the lovely Zendaya reprising her role as Mary Jane. She is going to be taking on the character once again as Peter’s love interest. As much love Tom Holland, and Zendaya share for each other off-screen as friends, they share the true romance on-screen as it always was meant to be. That is why we are looking for the relationship to go even more intense as MJ and Spidey solve more cases come together. Eventually, they will become an unbreakable duo!

Does Peter take over the place of Tony Stark as the next Iron Man?

Now, ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming, questions are being asked as to whether Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will take on the role of becoming the next Iron Man. People have wished for Iron Man to have a successor. And many people are likely choosing Spider-Man as the appropriate choice.

Of course, with Peter’s identity in the wind, the people’s perception might’ve been changed. But with the proper guidance, with people like Happy, Pepper, Strange, and others, Peter might regain his reputation as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. But there will still be speculation among the fans about whether Spider-Man will become the next Iron Man. This is something that Marvel needs to address for sure!

tony stark and peter parker
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There have been moments in the movie, such as when Peter was making his new suit in the jet. When Happy saw him at work, it only reminded him of Tony and how Tony was obsessive about his work in the same way! It makes Marvel fans pour out their emotions as you don’t get to see stuff like this every day. Questions left unanswered. But for how long?

As a part of Phase 4, this upcoming movie is considered one of the most significant projects. Along with movies like Black Widow, Eternals, or Shiang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this movie is again one of the biggest blockbusters. Now, this movie has been scheduled to release on 16th December 2021. That means this year will be ending on a perfect note. With all the plans that Marvel has, this will also be other movie-making significant headlines. Well, more headlines than right now! So let’s wait for the best. Time to make history with Spider-Man: No Way Home!

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