educationSiplah blibli: Transforming Education Through Online Shopping

Siplah blibli: Transforming Education Through Online Shopping

Nowadays, internet shopping is seen as a way of life in Indonesia. Everything may be purchased online, including school supplies, ranging from essentials to luxury goods. Now, learn about SIPLah Blibli, a Ministry of Education and Culture initiative in collaboration with

Therefore, it is assisting in making school supplies and other things more accessible to students at SIPLah locations around Indonesia on this specific occasion.

About SIPLah Blibli

SIPLah Blibli is a program run by the Ministry of Education and Culture that aims to improve education in Indonesia. Blibli is a partner in the SIPLah shopping program at

To fulfill the requirements of PBJ (Procurement of Goods and Services), the government runs a program called the School Procurement Information System (SIPLah).

As a SIPLah partner of the Ministry of Education and Culture, helps to finance the purchase of textbooks for learning institutions throughout Indonesia. 

Blibli SIPLah Business Scheme

The SIPLah purchasing program makes it incredibly simple for people and educational institutions to fulfill their requirements for quality education. So let’s start with the relevant business model before talking about how to shop at this platform.

  • The SIPLah Direct Purchase method, with a maximum transaction amount of Rp, is used by institutions and schools to make online PBJ purchases. $2,000,000 for every transaction.
  • Payments for completed transactions may only be made to SIPLah partners using non-cash means. Payment is sent to the account of the School Goods and Services Provider as soon as the partner receives it, and no later than once every 24 hours.
  • SIPLah partners are required to provide reconciliation services for buyer payments and purchases.
  • The program’s partners and users are not eligible for any kind of financial incentive from the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • It is forbidden for SIPLah partners to receive any commissions or fees from users of this business plan.
  • Partners in SIPLah are entitled to rewards, both monetary and non-monetary, as long as they don’t burden owners or users of SIPLah.

Process to Register on SIPLah Blibli

In order to register on the official website of Blibli, you need to follow the given below steps are:

  • First choose the finest browser from the device.
  • Then Visit the official website.
  • Once you are into the website search for “Register to become a seller” which is located on the right side of the website.
  • Once you have clicked on that, it will take you to a new page where you need to choose the type of business from the given option like:
  • Business entity (PT/CV)
  • Individual / Individuals
  • Cooperative
  • Then you need to enter your “STORE NAME”. 
  • Once you have done that you need to fill some details that include:-
    • Province
    • Postal code
    • NPWP number
    • Name according to NPWP
    • Delivery Service
    • Full name of signatory
    • Signatory position
    • Mobile phone number
    • E-mail
    • Bank name
    • Name of account owner
    • Account number
    • Create a password for the account
  • After filling all the details like on the “REGISTER” button.

By following this simple step you can successfully Register the account and you can become the seller of the BLIBLI.

Siplah Blibli Login Process

If you want to login into the account you need to follow the given below steps ➖

  • Select the most favorite browser from the device.
  • Once you have selected the browser now you need to visit the official website or click on the link provided to you  : 
  • After you are into the website you need to fill few of you login credential like 
  • After you are done with filling the details, lick on the “Login” button

Process to Shop with SIPLah BliBli

The following procedures will help you purchase items on

  • Please click this link to get to the SIPLah Blibli com login page:
  • After choosing Account, choose Buyer as the account type.
  • Please use the account that has established with Dapodik (Basic Education Data) to access the buyer’s.
  • After successfully logging in, you can start shopping. Use the “Search for item here…” phrase in the Search Bar to find the required item.
  • Kindly inform us about the item’s name, brand, or category that you would want to purchase.
  • Alternatively, you may use the Shopping Category menu option to search for things and then choose between Services, Retail items, or Specific things.
  • The most relevant search results for the item you’re looking for will then shown. On, you may select and browse the inventory of partner stores as well as the products they provide. 
  • Click on any of the product photos you wish to purchase to get more details.
  • Should it required, you can complete the Notes field. For instance, building color, location notes, emergency phone numbers, and so on.
  • Press the Create Order button to finish confirming.

Transaction payments via SIPLah Blibli

One thing to keep in mind while making purchases via and the Ministry of Education and Culture’s SIPLah is that there are only two banks that accept this payment method: Mandiri and BRI banks. The following will be an explanation of the transaction payment procedures:

  • Payment via Mandiri
  • Payment via BRI

Is there a fee for selling on Blibli?

Blibli deducts a fee from each product transaction made in the shop in order to enhance sales services. The commission range for products you sell on Blibli determines the commission fee that you will paid, which is between 2.5% and 8%.

If you have launched a shop at Blibli, you can view comprehensive details about the commission % for each branch type on the Contracts & Commissions page in the Blibli Seller Center.


The government supports the SIPLah initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture in order to ensure that all areas of Indonesia have equal access to education.

Its goal, in collaboration with SIPLah partner, is to consistently help Indonesia’s educational system in producing high-caliber individuals. It is intended that this curriculum would enable pupils to study at school as effectively as possible.

Take use of the SIPLah Blibli buyer feature and enjoy shopping for stationery and school supplies from the list of SIPLah Blibli establishments that are open.  Search SIPLah using for any supplies you could need for your classroom.

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