Jamie Redknapp says Sergio Reguilon must have questioned Everton’s punishment decision

Jamie Redknapp believes Sergio Reguilon should have questioned referee Michael Oliver’s decision during the first half of Tottenham’s 2-2 draw against Everton.

After Harry Kane typically gave Spurs the lead following a Michael Keane foul in the Everton box, the visitors to Goodison Park were awarded a penalty just before half time after a rendezvous between left back and Toffees playmaker James Rodriguez.

The Colombian hit the floor after Reguilon crashed into the back of him while lining up for a first try and pointed Oliver to the spot.

Reguilon did not comment on Michael Oliver's decision

Jamie Redknapp thinks Sergio Reguilon should have contested Everton’s penalty

The left back collided with James Rodriguez in Tottenham’s box before half-time

Gylfi Sigurdsson converted the penalty kick into an even position before half-time, but Redknapp said the Spaniard should have protested the decision after ‘not much’ contact.

“The second angle is the most conclusive for me because of Reguilon’s reaction,” Redknapp explained on Sky Sports while analyzing the penalty decision at half time.

‘You can’t always trust players because they’re looking for everything they can get. Reguilon got in the back of James, the first thing he does is complain and then nothing.

Spurs defender Reguilon disputes Michael Oliver’s decision not despite ‘little contact’

He’s depressed, walks away and doesn’t even complain. You know that with VAR you can get in the face of the referee and say ‘look at it’.

‘He knows there has been contact, not much but enough. It is unusual for a player of James’ quality to miss the ball and kick it to the ground, the reason he did is because he was kicked. A light touch but it’s a penalty kick. ‘

After the game, Mourinho declined to comment on Oliver’s call, saying he was ‘just laughing’ at the confusion surrounding decision-making in the modern game.

“Right now, so many years and so many experiences, I just laugh,” he said. “This kind of silly smile and I’m not going to comment.”

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