Jamie Carragher hails Carlo Ancelotti as Everton’s ‘man of the match’ victory in Merseyside derby

Jamie Carragher praised Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti after their Merseyside derby win over rival Liverpool on Saturday.

The Toffees ended a scorching 22-year spell without a win over Anfield in the Premier League with a 2-0 win thanks to an early goal from Richarlison and a late Gylfi Sigurdsson penalty.

The result was a huge blow to Jurgen Klopp’s side, who have now failed to win six home games and are on track for one of the worst Premier League title defenses in recent memory.

Carragher said Ancelotti was Everton's man of the match

Carragher said Ancelotti was Everton's man of the match

Jamie Carragher praised Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti after the Merseyside derby

The Toffees ended a blood-curdling 22-year spell without a win over Anfield in the Premier League

Carragher said the Italian tactician was Everton’s man of the match in their ‘huge’ win against the Reds.

When asked about Everton’s key to success in the derby, Carragher replied, “It was the manager. Carlo Ancelotti. ‘

“ I never gave a man of the match in that match for whatever reason I didn’t think about it, there were probably four or five Everton players you could have given it to. I watched the game again and Everton’s man of the game was the manager.

“You mentioned the record, 22 years since they won. But that’s the Premier League.

It’s common knowledge that Everton’s record at Anfield is terrible. So to actually win at Anfield is huge, they just celebrated like crazy. ‘

Carragher praised the former Real Madrid manager for taking ‘the emotion’ out of the tough game and making some daring phone calls with his team roster.

Carragher praised the former Real Madrid manager for ‘taking the emotion out of the match’

I’ll tell in my experience the reason why the record is so bad, and Goodison Park too. Everton never gets the derby right emotionally, they are either too ready for it and players are sent away or they are absolutely terrified of playing games, especially at Anfield.

And the reason I say Ancelotti won them that match was that he took the emotion out of that match with the team he chose. So when that team came in, the hearts of the Everton fans would have sunk. No Dominic Calvert-Lewin and no Allan.

Allan hadn’t played in two months and Calvert-Lewin was coming back from a hamstring injury, so it was the right decision. Because emotionally, the derby is the biggest game they have to win.

Roberto Martinez told me he felt pressure to play Gareth Barry in a derby game at Anfield. He was not 100% fit, got injured, they lost the game and then missed an FA Cup semi-final, he always looks back on that as a regret.

However, Ancelotti said these were three points to our European ambitions, forget Liverpool.

Everton usually likes to keep the ball and play from the back, but Ancelotti switched methods for the game against Liverpool.

Carragher also praised Ancelotti for using Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who won the penalty

He also introduced another forward to the fight against Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who was fouled by Trent Alexander-Arnold for the penalty that doubled the visitors’ advantage.

Carragher added: ‘What we see is that Ancelotti is a manager who likes to play from the back, but it doesn’t tactically against Liverpool. You are going to give yourself a problem. That is a great manager for me. Make fun of it, don’t play in the strength of the opposition.

‘Then you go to Calvert-Lewin. I thought he would only take action when Everton loses, but he puts him in 1-0 and that won them the game, leaving two offensive players on the field. Richarlison and him.

“I don’t think it was a penalty, but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect the result.”

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