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How To Install Apps On Your Wear OS Smart Watch

Google’s wear OS is another indication that we’re living in the age of smart devices. From our phones to our cars, everything is becoming optimized to work smarter, including our fridge. 

And now we’ve got the smartwatch too. They may look like fashion statements, but smartwatches are more than that. 

These wristwatches come with general functionality that is quite similar to your smartphone. Because of this, your smartwatches require an operating system to not only sync with your phone but also install helpful apps. 

Google’s Wear OS functions on phones with updated versions of Android or iOS. However, if you’re a new user to OS smartwatches, you might find it a bit challenging to install an app. 

Here’s How You Can Install Apps On Your OS Smartwatch In No Time

Wear OS is the operating system from Google that some of the best smartwatches today function on. Your Wear OS watch gets you direct access to Google’s online app store, PlayStore where you can install apps.

But what some smartwatch users don’t know is that you can install apps on your smartwatch in a couple of ways. You could either install apps directly from your smartwatch or you could it from your phone.

How To Install Wear OS Apps From Your Smartwatch

Google’s smartwatch operating system used to be called Android Wear. But with its name change came a slightly better chance in the operating system’s functionality.

Smartwatches that used Wear OS were able to go on Google’s play store directly from their smartwatch. You can follow these easy steps to install Wear OS apps from your smartwatch without touching your phone:

  • First, you need to open your smartwatch’s list of installed apps by clicking on one of the watch’s buttons.
  • Next up, click and run the Play Store by Google
  • Thirdly, flip through all of the apps available to you for download and choose the ones you need to download.
  • Click on install and run the app when done.

How To Install Wear OS Apps From Your Phone

Most users might consider installing from their smartwatch a little more complex than installing from their phone. One advantage this option gives is the wider view of your phone’s screen compared to your OS watch’s tiny screen. 

With such a view, you get a thorough preview of the app you want to download to see what other users say about it. Besides, you could download it and check out how interesting or useful it’ll be for your smartwatch.

Follow these quick steps to install Wear OS apps from your phone:

  • The first thing you should do is to open your phone’s Play Store application.
  • Next up, click on a section called Categories
  • From the categories section, scroll through to see Wear OS by Google.
  • Now you can download and install your favorite apps for your smartwatch
  • After this, follow the installation process notification on your smartwatch to install the app on it.


Not a lot of people know that there are two ways of installing apps on their smartwatches. But Google has made installing apps on smartwatches easier by adding two installation processes for users. 

You could either install from your android device or you could install directly from your smartphone. Whichever option you choose should grant you access to loads of useful fitness and entertainment third-party apps.

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