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5 Ways AI Technology Is Being Used Today

In pop-culture, film, and cinema, AI is often portrayed as the digital lifeform or android that kills off the human race, as per Terminator. 

But the development of Artificial Intelligence is quite crucial for a more efficient and effective digital world in the future. 

Some of the world’s most ingenious AI technology has even been around for up to 50 years or more. But how is AI being used today? 

Well, let’s find out some of the most useful and valuable applications of AI in the real world today.

#1. Digital Personal Voice Assistant Like Alexa And Siri

One of the most popular examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life is found in digital personal assistants. Siri’s feminine and friendly voice-activated assistant does a range of simple to complex tasks for us.

Siri finds information, adds events to digital calendars, sends texts, and answers our questions in natural language. She does all of this and more with the help of AI technology like machine-learning language. 

Alexa on the other hand has become the ultimate household digital device, with users using it for lots of uses as well. She can decipher speech from anywhere in the room, book appointments, browse the web for information, or even switch on your phone.

#2. Artificial Intelligence In National Defense

The use of artificial intelligence cuts across various spheres, including national defense. Advanced nations like the United States use AI technology to beef up national security and prevent future risks.

For instance, AI technology is used to stop cyber threats and also surveil loads of video and data that is captured. Suspicious or abnormal human behaviors and activities can be sought out through this artificial intelligence, alerting human analysts in advance.

#3. Healthcare

In the area of healthcare, you probably would have experienced the miracle of artificial technology without knowing. Almost every aspect of the healthcare industry utilizes the help of AI technology.

Artificial intelligence lends itself to healthcare in terms of protecting patient’s private records from hackers. Also, the use of robots to assist surgeons during surgery has made some processes more efficient.

Besides, it also helps point out the risk of hospital infections and even makes predictions about ICU transfers. In all, AI technology helps hospitals cut costs.

#4. AI In The World Of Finance

Those familiar with the finance world will recognize the increasing influence of artificial intelligence in financial processes. Widespread automation, algorithmic trading, and machine languages are used in the finance world.

Robo-advisors that use AI are being used to increase returns and save the time of clients and finance companies alike. In all, these innovations are all in a bid to make the financial process more accurate, efficient, and risk-free.

#6. Even Netflix Uses Artificial

The world’s biggest streaming giant, Netflix, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to make the user experience better. Their accurate technology helps predict films for you to watch depending on your reaction to them.

From previous reactions to films, this smart technology helps suggest similar films you may like to watch.


The significant impacts scientists hope AI will achieve are in AI’s decision-making ability and its ability to predict us. 

Although this technology still has a lot of modifications and advancements, AI is currently being used in a lot of day-to-day activities.

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