Fitness Apps, Endorsement Deals, and Clothing Lines: How Conor McGregor Made Millions Outside of UFC

To label Conor McGregor as a UFC star would do him a disservice. The Irishman is a man who has transcended his sport, taken it to new heights and then branched out into many different paths.

After starting out as a plumber’s apprentice, The Notorious reached the top of the MMA world and has now used his fame to create a brand away from the Octagon.

It was reported this week that McGregor plans to sell his remaining stake in his whiskey brand Proper Twelve for £ 112 million, more than doubling his net worth and bringing his personal net worth to nearly £ 200 million.

But how exactly did he make his money outside of UFC? From fitness apps to clothing lines, Sportsmail take a look …

Conor McGregor is notoriously flashy with his money and has brought it in outside the octagon


Let’s start with arguably his most famous brand, and the one that will net him £ 112 million if he sells his remaining stake to Mexican beverage company Becle.

Founded in 2018 together with its manager Audie Attar under parent company Eire Born Spirits, the Irishman wanted to promote it at every opportunity. From offering drinks when weighing up to getting it plastered across the canvas in the octagon, he has done a fantastic job promoting the brand.

At launch, Becle – who is famous for Jose Cuervo whiskey, Kraken rum and Boodles gin – bought 20 percent, before increasing their stake to 49 percent last year. And now it looks like they’re gonna do the whole pig … leaving McGregor and his manager to count their money.

The Irishman’s whiskey appears to bring him and his manager a massive £ 112 million when they sell it


Like any good sports star, McGregor has made the most of a host of sponsorship and endorsement deals, posting videos and photos on his social media accounts at every opportunity.

The fact that McGregor has nearly 40 million followers on Instagram means that he is in high demand when it comes to sponsored posts and will demand a huge number.

In the past, he has advertised Burger King’s new spicy crispy chicken sandwich, worn a HiSmile teeth whitening kit for an Instagram video, and showed off personalized Beats by Dre headphones at a weigh-in.

McGregor regularly promotes various brands and was featured in a Burger King ad

HiSmile is another brand that has hooked McGregor to its huge social media followers


Of course, the Irishman is also known for his fashion sense, often appearing in tailored suits at press conferences and making sure to look good before performing.

Therefore, it may have been inevitable that there would be a clothing line one day, and that is in the form of August McGregor, created together with the man who equips him with his impressive outfits – David August Heil.

The McGregor-Heil collaboration is perhaps best known for the suit the UFC star wore to the first stop on the McGregor-Mayweather press tour … a bespoke three-piece that, on reflection, ‘f ** * you ‘read. over and over.

August McGregor markets itself as “a lifestyle brand for guys who have an excellent attitude in everything they do in life,” selling everything from underwear to full suits. But not the ‘f *** you’, it seems.

His August McGregor clothing line with David Heil sells everything from underwear to suits


McGregor regularly posts workout videos on his social media channels, showing off the incredible physique that took him to the top of his sport. That’s why it’s perhaps not surprising that he has delved into the world of fitness apps as well.

McGregor FAST is supposedly how the Irishman sculpted his body and he gives his fans a chance to look exactly like him … maybe. Broken down into green (stamina), orange (strength), and red (strength and speed), McGregor has teamed up with Dr. Julian ‘Doc’ Dalby to create the app.

A subscription costs $ 99, and you can also buy t-shirts and – starting later this year – protein powder to complement your workouts.

The McGregor FAST fitness app breaks down workouts into green, orange, and red and costs $ 99 per year


In 2017 and 2018, arguably when McGregor was at the height of his powers and Covid didn’t exist, Vegas afterparties were a big draw for the Irishman and his throngs of fans.

In fact, he even had an exclusive two-year residency at Wynn Resorts in which he was paid to host his post-fight parties at their nightclub.

His first event was after his boxing fight (more on that later) with Floyd Mayweather, with tickets for women between $ 20 and $ 30 and tickets for men between $ 45 and 75.

Conor McGregor signed a two-year deal with Wynn Resorts to host after-parties at their club


Another thing McGregor is famous for are one-liners, which have come out with some crackers over the years at press conferences and in interviews. Remember, “I would take this opportunity to apologize … to absolutely no one”? Or the time he ordered Floyd Mayweather to “dance for me, boy”? Or maybe ‘do you nuttin’ … ‘

Well, they are all available in the MacTalk mobile phone app, where you can have McGregor speak those famous quotes on demand.

Or maybe you want a McGregor themed emoji? Download the MacMoji app and that’s exactly what you get. Is there anything they haven’t thought of?

With the MacTalk app, McGregor’s biggest fans can hear his catchphrases on demand


And as for McGregor-based content, MacLife may be the one he promotes the most. They are marketed as a ‘media and lifestyle brand’ and have a website with all the latest news about the man himself, as well as wider UFC, sports and health and fitness stories.

They regularly conduct exclusive McGregor interviews (of course!) And have a huge social media following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as over a million YouTube subscribers.

McGregor is known for his efforts at the UFC, as well as for his business interests elsewhere


His most famous foray away from the UFC came into a sporting context when he stepped outside the octagon and entered the boxing ring for a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

After a worldwide promotional tour, the Irishman was beaten in the fight, but still managed to bring in an incredible $ 85 million (£ 61 million) for one night’s work. Decent if you can get it I guess.

Whether he’s venturing back into the ring for another match – possibly with YouTube sensation Jake Paul if we are to believe the reports – remains to be seen … but make sure there are quite a few scenes left to make money, the expensive McGregor suited sleeve.

The Irishman left UFC for boxing in 2017 when he lost to Floyd Mayweather – but made £ 61 million in the process.

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