All England Club announces plans to expand Wimbledon with Parkland Show Court and 39 additional pitches

In the largest expansion in Wimbledon history, 39 new courses will be added to the All England Club grounds, including an 8,000-seat show field with a retractable roof.

A consultation exercise with local residents on Wednesday revealed the scope of the plans, although, as reported last month, it is not expected to be completed until around eight years.

The All England Club’s purchase of the neighboring Wimbledon Park golf course is intended to bring the tournament in line with its Grand Slam counterparts – by running the qualifying tournament on-site ahead of the big fortnight.

In the largest expansion in Wimbledon history, 39 new grass courts will be added

Documents set out how the proposed new Parkland showcourt ‘will be able to have a dynamic relationship with Center Court and No 1 Court’. It seats 8,000 and acts as the ‘event epicenter’ for qualification.

Wimbledon says they want to ‘nurture and restore the landscape’ while at the same time ‘providing a year-round experience that benefits the community’.

It is hoped that construction can start in 2022 and be completed by 2026. The courts will then take two years to mature, with a view to hosting qualification at the site in 2028. The new showcourt would then be completed in 2030 to be.

The All England Club agreed a £ 65 million deal to buy the neighboring Wimbledon Park golf course

The Wimbledon Golf Club is located to the right of the Wimbledon site in south west London

For now, it looks like qualifying will remain two miles from the Wimbledon site at the current Bank of England sports field in Roehampton.

Wimbledon Park Golf Club members voted in 2018 for a £ 65 million bid from the tennis company for its 73 acre site.

In the process, the 750 golfers each won a windfall of nearly £ 86,000.

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