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A Guide to Accessing Exam Results on the Holy Cross College ERP Portal

As a student of the Holy Cross College (HCC) Trichy, checking your grade is essential in keeping up with how well you are performing. On the other hand, using the college’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal for new users can be challenging. This article contains a step-by-step guide on logging in safely to the HCC ERP Login Exam portal and retrieving your results.

Getting Started with HCC Login Exam

For logging into the HCC ERP Login Exam, visit On the home page, you will find student portals, faculty administrators and general users. Click on the “Student” portal. This will take you to the HCC Login Test page.

On this page, type the 12-digit unique ERP user ID provided to you by HCC. Under that, type in your ERP username. However, if signing in for the first time then use your birthday equivalent to DDMMYYYY as initial password. Once the initial login phase is finished, first-time users will be redirected to reset their passwords.

Resetting Your HCC Login Exam Password

If you have a forgotten your login password for an existing ERP Login Exam account, you can retrieve it by using email. On log in, select “Forgot Password”, provide your user ID and register an email address. This shall send you a link for resetting password to your registered email address. To change your password, please follow the instructions in this email.

Locating Your Exam Results

Using your credentials, you can log into the HCC ERP Login Exam portal and see a homepage with several tabs such as Profile, Academics Assessments etc.

To find your exam results, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Assessments” tab
  2. Choose the corresponding semester or exam
  3. Scores of each paper will be displayed in ascending order
  4. If no results are announced for a paper, it will be marked “NA”
  5. Alternatively, detailed mark sheets for all semesters are available by visiting the “Academics” tab. This includes theory papers, practical examinations and semester totals. Retain e-copies of mark sheets for future use.

In the event of any login issues or failure to find exam results on portal, immediately seek assistance from your college IT admin. Make sure to keep your user ID and password information private at all times.

Having the latest result of HCC ERP Login Exam posted on its portal is an important necessity to follow one’s progress. This guarantees that you are able to make sound decisions concerning academia and leaves you ready for the next term exams.


Receiving timely examination reports on the HCC ERP portal also helps track your academic performance at college. Your performance results can be quickly and easily found as long as you follow a simple process for logging in, resetting your password if necessary, and selecting the right section. It is also advisable to have soft copies of such mark sheets stored for future reference. Using these convenient tips, you will have instant access to your scorecards after each semester test.

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