8 movies on Netflix to make a marathon and cry at ease

The purpose of cinema is to transport us, get into the film and make us feel something: anger, happiness, sadness or love. That is why there is always a suitable movie for every moment.

Surely you still remember that movie that made you cry so much that you left the cinema with puffy eyes. Tapes like Marley and me, Up or Always by your side remain in the heart, even if you don’t want to see them again because you suffer.

So here are 8 movies on Netflix to cry on whenever you need it.

# 1 Wonder

August is a boy with mandibulofacial dysostosis, which makes him look different from the others. He was educated at home, but the time has come to go to school.

This film tells the story of that change from the perspective of all members of the family. If you have children it is likely to make you cry a lot.


# 2 Beyond the sky

A young Zac Efron stars in this story about accepting death. Charlie had a little brother who passed away in an accident, but he won’t let him go because he can see and talk to him.

Eventually, he will have to move on when he falls in love with a girl.


# 3 Irreplaceable You

When Abbie is surprisingly diagnosed with cancer, she decides that her last wish is to find a girlfriend for Sam, her fiancé and lifelong best friend. A story of how love is until death.


# 4 Pieces of a woman

For this film, actress Vanessa Kirby was nominated for an Oscar in 2021. During a complicated birth at home, the baby dies, and a trial begins against the midwife and the path of loss.

A film about death, pain and motherhood.


# 5 Big fish

This is Tim Burton’s most emotional movie, so if you like this director and sentimental endings, this is the movie for you.

A dying father tells his life to his distant son, but all the stories are mixed with fantasy.


# 6 One day

During a period of 18 years, Dexter and Emma decide to see each other every July 15, but whenever they are close, something separates them.


# 7 Lorenzo’s Oil

Lorenzo is a seven year old boy who suffers from an extremely rare degenerative brain disease, no doctor or medicine can help him.

So her parents (Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte) decide to embark on the world of alternative medicine.


# 8 Big fish & Begonia

In this anime, a 16-year-old girl leaves her world into the human world turned into a dolphin, and a boy saves her, giving her his life along the way.

This is just the beginning of the adventure that she will live to save the young man. A story of unrequited love, family and sacrifice.

Tell us which one made you cry the most.

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