7 weirdest zombie movies: beavers eat humans in one

Throughout its history in the cinema, we have seen zombies of all shapes and sizes, super slow, 

fast, romantic and even non-human, like the incredible tiger from Army of the Dead.

The only limit for zombies is in the imagination of the director and the writers, and as proof of this, we have the entire range of undead that we can find in the cinema, especially in series B movies.

Here are the 7 weirdest and most fascinating zombie movies ever.


# 1 Wasting Away

We almost always have zombies in the concept of creatures hungry for human flesh, but that takes a radical turn in Aaah! Zombies.

In this movie, released in 2007, four friends eat radioactive ice cream, which turns them into zombies.

Best of all, none of them realize that, and they continue their lives as if nothing had happened, although the people around them see them as the undead that they really are.

# 2 Otto; or Up with Dead People

Otto is a gay horror movie, although it is also described as a queer gore festival by critics.

It is about Otto, a gay zombie who does not remember where he came from and does not know where he will go.

One day he meets a film director, who immediately tries to convince him to star in her horror-tinged adult film on which he has been working for a long time.

# 3 Zombie Strippers

Kat is a stripper from a quiet Nebraska town, but she has a secret: She is infected with a virus that turned her into a bloodthirsty zombie.

The dangerous air that her illness gives her during shows is a hit with customers, which is why she becomes the most popular stripper in the place, causing the envy of her colleagues.

The bad news, or the good news depending on which side you look at it, is that the virus begins to spread, and very soon the entire town is in danger.

# 4 Black Sheep

This movie takes the concept of the black sheep of the family to the next level.

A tiny sheep, the quintessential herbivore, turns into a devourer of human flesh after a series of experiments, and threatens to eat a family of farmers in New Zealand.

# 5 The Dead Undead

The reviews were very harsh on this movie, but the plot is entertaining, to say the least.

A group of good vampires unite to face an army of zombie vampires, so that their plague does not end life on Earth.

# 6 Zombeavers

Returning to the trend of turning harmless creatures into human eaters, Zombieabers does not show the power of zombie beavers.

The plot centers on three college girls who want to spend a weekend away from problems and men, and everything was going well until they discovered that it was not a good idea to go swimming with the beavers.

# 7 Dead Snow

Also known as Dead Snow, it tells the story of some friends who decide to camp on a mountain to practice snow sports.

Everything was perfect, they had their own cabin, snowmobiles, sledges and beer to give away, but they did not count on being targeted by a horde of zombies that were previously Nazis.

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