5 Surefire Tips for Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Couples often complain about their marriage falling into a rut, and the difficulty of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. As a result, we see a strain on the relationship between two, living with fights and the health of the relationship at risk.

In the reality of life together, maintaining a happy and healthy relationship in the midst of so many challenges is a daily exercise and patience.

I am proof of that, and I looked for the best ways to keep my relationship healthy and be happier in my marriage.

So, here are some foolproof tips that work for me, how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship, even amidst the turmoil of modern life. Check out!

1- Love

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Now I ask you: is it possible to be in a relationship without love?

I do not think so? If you are, think again, something is already very wrong.

Love is one of the main factors in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

Therefore, whoever loves speaks, expresses the feeling. No hiding it! Or waiting for your partner to say that they love you and then you can say it too.

Practice saying “I Love You” daily, and you will see how good it is to hear and speak what we feel to each other. Who doesn’t like to love and be loved, right?

2- Respect

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For me, love and respect go together. Who loves, respects the other.

A couple who live in harmony certainly respect each other, respect each other’s individuality.

Furthermore, we know that we have different desires, ideas and thoughts, but it is up to us to respect the opinion, the desire of the other.

3- Acceptance

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Is that wet towel on the bed really a fight? And those panties hanging in the box?

Think about the things that really matter and that make a difference in your everyday life. Do not discuss what is not paramount.

Accept the mistakes of your partner! Accept your partner’s way of being!

Many relationships end up frayed by unnecessary little conflicts. More than natural to be a little stressed and end up taking out this frustration on your partner. So think twice before raising your voice or using harsh words.

Of course, if something bothers you, you should, yes, speak up and show your dissatisfaction. But this must be done carefully, without criticism. A simple one: “love, I don’t like you putting the towel on the bed, it makes the mattress wet”. “Love, I don’t like you to leave your panties in the box, it looks sloppy to me”, is enough.

4- Leave free

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Love frees, doesn’t hold! No fumbling on your partner’s cell phone. Remember individuality? So respect!

Trust is everything to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. We are human, it is more than natural to take a peek when someone we think is beautiful passes by. There’s nothing wrong with that. We are not cheating.

We would be if we were doing this behind our partner.

It’s so boring when we have certain attitudes:

  • cell phone snooping
  • make frivolous charges
  • control the clothes the other wears
  • jealous beast
  • doubt the other

There are countless boring things, which if I mention it, I’m here forever.

However, I think it’s so cool and healthy for us to be able to comment to each other that we find a woman or a man attractive. Want better freedom than this?

Or do you prefer to remain that person who can only talk, perhaps to your friend, who found someone attractive? Unnecessary right?

5- Dialogue

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Often, worn out relationships are the result of past hurts that have not received proper attention. Dialogue always! What’s wrong with that? The much talked about DR is the most efficient way to solve problems.

As I say in the tips above, knowing how to speak, dialoguing is important. Speak as soon as possible what bothers you, even if it seems small to you. Small annoyances can turn into big disagreements in the future. Do not let this happen!

When we get into the habit of dialoguing, the conversation flows naturally, both realize that there is something to be said and speak openly, without fear.

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